PAOLO BOVINO, visual composer and filmmaker


Born in 1970 in Turin (Italy) he has always been involved in music criticism as speaker and in poetry.  It is notable his aesthetic essay (The Limits of art according to its effects) as well as his “Neopurism” manifest. Being pupil of Giacomo Soffiantino, his research in the figurative art (using traditional techniques) has been subject to the music abstraction. Among his more important art exhibitions we would like to point out: "From the Sound to the Sign” (Turin, 2001), “Iuvenilia” (Basel, 2001), “ Eternal Feminine's faces" (Turin, 2002), “Transfiguration” (Turin, 2005) and “The Empire of Illusions” (Turin, 2011), “Unveiled” (Turin, 2015), “The Code of Life” (Turin, 2018). After aving won the "Cesare Pavese’s birthplace” prize (1998), Mr Bovino illustrated the  “Composite Millenium of San Michele della Chiusa (Saint Michael’s Abbey)" book published by Melli (2003). In particular some critics (among them Angelo Caroli, Elisabetta Tolosano, Fernanda De Bernardi, Giangiorgio Massara and Rossella Pesce) were involved in his works. He also participated in international fairs/exibitions such as Accessible Art Fair Brussels in 2016 or the 54th Art Exhibition of the Biennale of Venice curated by Vittorio Sgarbi in 2012.  Following his vocational attitude towards different artistic expressions, as professional videomaker, he produced some educational documentaries (cooperating with the “A. Passoni” art school, "Italian Cinema Museum” of Turin and the “Sandretto Re Rebaudengo” Foundation of Turin) as well as some short films for the “Alpha Centauri” Studium. In 2006 his Between Sky and Earth film (scored by Shostakovic), broadcast via satellite on RAI and CAN TV of Chicago, won the top prize at the Civitavecchia Film Festival. In 2009 his film based on Jean Paul Sartre’s short story The Wall won the “Città di Torino” prize awarded by the “Resistance” museum. He has recently produced a surreal short-length film, also composing its soundtrack, played by actress Elena Presti and set in Turin historic sites. In 2011 he published the Some voices in the wind  poems edited by WLM..  Among his artistic collaborations we can mention the “Opus Five Quintet” and “Shéhérazade Ballet of Turin” coordinated by Ms Erica Cagliano through his film Jennifer Larmore’s harmonic digressions, dedicated to the aforesaid famous American mezzosoprano. He lives in Turin (Italy).